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Our unique products, called Plant Tiles, are used in the creation of a multitude of stunning outdoor solutions.

Our Plant Tiles are cultivated and delivered in shallow trays measuring 330mm x 330mm and only 22mm deep. The trays are filled with media and seeded with one of a select group of low growing herbs or perennials. As the plants grow, the roots bind the media together so that the Tile can be removed from the tray then laid on the area you have prepared. If required, the Tiles can be cut to shape with scissors.

Create an instant and exciting impact using the Plant Tiles in vertical gardens, as living mulch, on rooftop gardens or upholstery for living sculptures and furniture. Lay an alternative lawn that is fragrant & does not need mowing! 

The large Plant Tiles are installed easily and quickly, creating an instant and dramatic effect. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination! 

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